Thursday, October 8, 2009

My First Blog!!

Greetings! I have decided to start blogging. It kind of feels like a journal to me. I don't know exactly what I am supposed to write on here, so I guess I will just ramble for now.
Today I took a fabric dyeing class with Amanda Ford. She was an excellent teacher and I had a lot of fun.
I dyed about 20 yds of fabric. 15 yds were Robert Kaufman's cotton sateen. We did a Color Wheel dye of 12 fabrics, 10 neutrals and some 'mystery' colors. The mysteries were my favorites. I just finished washing and rinsing them. Now they are drying and then I will iron them. Tomorrow I will post some pictures.
I can't wait to see the fabrics all ironed! In fact, I am going to go and do it right now!

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